The Quiet American

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Assignment #1Find a map of Vietnam from the early 1950s.
Map should have Saigon and Hanoi on it.  Post to your Google journal.

Allusion - Baudelaire Poem:
Assignment #2: Read Baudelaire's poem.  Write a brief summary of the poem.  Then, annotate it, identifying and analyzing at least 4 poetic elements/techniques he uses to convey meaning in his poem (use the "Poetry Cheat Sheet" as a guide).

Allusion - Pascal
Pascal - Excerpts

Assignment #3
Opening Voiceover from Film: Write a paragraph that compares the conceptions of Vietnam (or Asia) in Baudelaire's poem, the opening voiceover of the film, and the selected passage from the novel. Note similarities and differences and their impact on our understanding of the film and/or novel.
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Assignment #4
Chapters 1-5 Homework - Quote Activity
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Chapters 4-5 Assignment
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Film Critique
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Interpretive Assignment
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What am I reading now?

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Moby-Dick; or, The Whale
American Gods
The Quiet American
Inside Out & Back Again
The Tiger Rising